Friday, January 29, 2016

Father, Why?

Father, why are you crying? 

Because they have forgotten me 

Father, why are angry?

Because they have insulted me

Father, why are you hurt?

Because I love them 

Father, will they ever return?

I hope someday they will

Father, I am with you.

I know, Jesus. You always are...

Saturday, January 9, 2016

She Wishes: Chapter Two (Excerpt)

“Where were you yesterday? I called you like seven times and you didn't pick up!” The voice was deep and husky and laced with aggravation. 

My blood seemed to freeze over in my veins. Colby is out here too? 

I slowed to a stop and listened. I heard a door slam shut and gravel crunching loudly as his shoes urgently scraped against the ground. A jingle of car keys rattled through the air. A sudden rush of adrenaline surged through my veins as the footsteps drew closer and louder. He's coming my way. He's coming right towards me. I hastily patted my hair into place and straightened the collar of my navy blue sweater. I looked down at my gray jeans and tennis shoes in disapproval. Would he like my outfit? I puffed some air into my hand and sniffed my breath. No morning breath. Check. 

I licked my dry lips. I could have at least put on some lipstick. Dang it. 

“Errands? You told me that two days ago,” Colby growled into the phone as he made his way towards me. “So now you run errands every day?” 

He paused once to slide his arms in through the straps of his backpack. My breath hitched in my throat. Oh god. He's coming my way. My heart slammed painfully into the inside of my chest. The distance was diminishing, the space between us closing. He looked so handsome today. He was clad in black: black long-sleeved shirt, black skinny jeans, and black combat boots. His clothing was tight and clung so sexily to the well developed muscles of his tall, lean figure. His ebony black hair was dripping and matted to his face and neck like a dark helmet. My mouth dropped open in awe. His delicately-shaped lips were now curved into that carefree lopsided smile I loved so much. But his eyes, those beautiful deep blue eyes, twinkled like two bits of sapphire gems against the orange of his tanned skin. 

Colby threw his head back and laughed. I gasped and jumped back in surprise. 
“Oh, uh, hey,” he said as he slowed to a stop.