Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Journal 002

Yes. I'm bored. No, I've got nothing to talk about. Should I be doing something useful with my time? Definitely. Like...writing more chapters to my ridiculously long list of novels-in-progress that I never seem to gave time for these days? I would definitely agree, but its hard doing that when you're mind is on Pretty Little Liars and your body is too tired to get out of bed at 9:08 PM because I've spent my day sitting at a desk endlessly talking for eight hours. But sitting here like this gets me thinking. Thinking about a lot of things, I say! Like my past, my present, and more definitely my future. Pretty soon I'll be 30 years old and mentally ready to settle down and  start a family and all that jazz. I wonder how I'll view my current self now. Scatterbrained, curious, will, crazy. It's both fun and sad to see where all the time goes when you're getting older and getting even more caught up in the different obstacles you face in life. So many of us want to go back to those times again. When you're do young, innocent, and ignorant of the burdens you carry on your shoulders as you grow older and wiser. I'm grateful to gave grown up to the age I'm currently in right now. So many die before they truly get to live, not seeing to hearing the many beautiful things the world has to offer because of misfortune. All on all, at least I can say now that I'm grateful for another day that I got to live. I'm grateful for the bed I sleep it, the food I eat, the clothing o wear, the water I drink and bath with. Who knows? Maybe its because Christmas and the end of yet another year is fast approaching that I just feel like counting my blessings. So...to all the souls who inhabit the Earth, I wish you sweep dreams and a bright and very long future. Goodnight to the stars, the moon, and to you! -Ice Winifredd