Winifredd's Other Works!

1. Father Why?
A poem explaining a conversation between God the Son and God the Father and Creator.

2. Limitless
A poem about one overcoming their limits and reaching as far as they can go and proving the naysayers wrong.

3. Are You Invisible?
A lyrical poem about feeling invisible to those that you hold dear to your heart and realizing that there is always someone out there who acknowledges your existence.

4. I Walk Away
A lyrical poem about walking away from things or people who don't not lift you up or encourage you to be a better person in a world of evil. Walking away is hard, but always better.

5. Villains and Heroes
In a world torn down the middle, there are only two sides. A villain or hero. Which one are you?

6. Insults
Never let anyone tell you that you are less extraordinary  than what you are born to be.

7. Where the Sun Rises
When you turn towards the light of God, all shadows fall behind you. Life will move forward and you must do the same. Question is, will you move with it?

8. Island of Hours
A lyrical poem about how we live on an island of hours measured in seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millenniums, eons, and such, yet never have time to fully realize what we have until it is gone.

9. It's not the Same
A lyrical poem about coming back home to find that nothing is the same from how you left it. IT's not the same...

10. How Do You Like Me Now?
A lyrical poem about accepting yourself as how you are, flaws and all, and celebrating all that makes you who you are.

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