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Title: She Wishes
Genre: Young Adult, Drama, Romance
Summary: He's her Prince Charming, but she's not his Cinderella? That's the story for Scarlet Reinhardt, who finds herself still madly in love with Colby Flagstone, who just happens to be her best friend's boyfriend and the apple of every other girl's eye. Despite his ridiculing her after her heartfelt confession so long ago, Scarlet still finds herself longing for him and she both loves and hates herself for it. But after a sudden proposal of friendship from Colby has Scarlet elated and Sierra suddenly evasive and distant. Is there trouble in paradise for the happy couple? And will Scarlet have her way with Colby?

Title: Crazy Little Love Story
Genre: Drama, Romance, Humor, Teen,  
Summary: Small town girl Katie Holms never dreamed that she'd ever have the luck of running into gorgeous, mega famous, boy band sensation, Eden Sioux, of Alpha Centauri. But after a terrible accident that leaves Katie in the hospital with her frantic mother and an unpromising note of goodbye, she think it's the end of it. Until her mother decides to take off to Italy for the summer to write yet another one of her well known Shannon Monroe mystery novels and leaves her daughter in the hands of her crazy, alcoholic aunt--who happens to be the dance choreographer of the group! Is this another chance for Katie to get to know her favorite boy bander? Or will this turn out to be yet another disaster?

Title: S. A. U. (Something About U)
Genre: Drama, Humor, Romance, Teen 
Summary: Life is anything but lovely for fifteen-year-old Nina Van Bertenschmere. In fact, she's hated everywhere: at school with her peers, at home with her family, and in other places by people she doesn't even know. But after one trip to a party gets out of hand and has her spent packing to Chagrin Heights under the care of an unknown grandmother, will Nina's life take a turn for the worse and earn her more enemies? Or will she find a place where she can finally feel loved?

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Title: Call of the Zodiac (Book One)

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural, horror

Summary:Darkness is approaching, danger is increasing, and it's all to the Guardians of the Zodiac to stop it. Question is, are they strong enough to stand against the might of Ophiuchus? 12-year-old Aspen Fischer moves to the quiet, sleepy town of Chagrin Heights with her mother after a nasty divorce...little did she know that her troubles are only just about to begin.

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    Title: A Walk Through Hell (Book One)

Genre: Supernatural, Paranormal, YA, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Drama

Summary: Six months has passed since Arriella lost her father in an unexpected car accident--and she's in more pain now then ever. Feeling suffocated under the pressure of trying to hold her family together, Arriella decides that it's time for her to pack up and leave---and never come back. Enter Saido Sonata, a mysterious loner with the ability to see the beings of the beyond. So what happens when you throw a war between supernatural entities and a trip to hell in the mix?

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  Title: Helix: City of Angels
 Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, YA
                       Summary: Leila Daniels was beyond furious when her father decided to pack up and move to Chagrin Heights to be with her new stepmother, Kristen, and annoying stepbrother, Duke Marvin. Time goes by and bonds are tested, lies brought to the light, and just when Leila can't take anymore, a portal to Helix mysteriously opens up--and she jumps right into it with Duke right behind her. What will await them in the foreign land? Can they make it back to the human world before it's too late?

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Title: Hollow Planet: A Hellfire Renagade
Genre: Action, Drama, Science Fiction
Summary: A disaster of mankind occurred on December 21, 2012 when a monstrous comet, later called Big Impact, plummeted into the earth and wiped out nearly all of mankind's existence. Now it's 2044 and the human race has started over again---in a world now divided in two. It's time for 15-year-old Asa Harmaajarvi to tell his side of the story. There's just one problem: he is an Abeyta.

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